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"C" litter - Spring/ Summer 2020
We are expecting livernose puppies

Skye & Kiiro

Date of birth:

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stars Fumi Skye Manwë stars

DOB: 1. 4. 2015
Sir: CIB., Multi Ch. Grand Ch Artaban Cieply Dom
Dam: CIB., Multi Ch. Grand Ch Badawi Manwë
Height: 65cm, Weight: 35kg
HD: A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg.
LTV neg - L7, SA neg.
Hemophelia - B neg.
D-locus - D/D
EOAD: clear
JME: clear
B-locus - b/B (potential for brown nose)
scissor bite, full dentition
wheaten colour

more about Skye here

starsSabaku Inus Chikako of Sheriffstars

DOB: 24. 4. 2013
Sir: NUCH LP1 BH Kuzonga's Cheriff
Dam: SEUCH Ridgebow's Odara of Zazazela
Height: 69,5cm, Weight: 46kg
HD: A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg.
EOAD: clear
JME: clear
B-locus - b/b (livernose)

scissor bite, full dentition
wheaten colour

Owner: Pernilla Hallström

more about Kiiro HERE

Litter pedigree

Sabaku Inus Chikako of Cheriff Kuzonga's Cheriff  Masithela's Irresistible Chango
Hunting Choir's Issa 
Ridgebow's Odara of Zazazela Hayawani Zazazela Moyo 
Ridgebow's Cajsa of Simon 
Fumi Skye Manwë Artaban Cieply Dom The Black Pearl of Course
Maendeleo A-Team Angel Dreamgirl
Badawi Manwë Chivas Ayaba
Tusani Extra Spice

Detailed pedigree with photos


Candidate for:  CH: Austria, Germany, Hungary, ČMKU Champion, JCH: Slovakia

Grandchampion of Slovakia
Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Poland
Champion of Romania
Champion of Montenegro
Grandchampion of Montenegro
Junior Champion of Serbia
Club Champion of KCHRR
Club Champion of ČKRR
BIS PUPPY - Regional show Kladno 2015
BIS PUPPY - Regional show Týn nad Vltavou 2015

Fumi Skye Manwë - we call her Skye at home, is my dream girl. I was planning for more than 2 years to add another female into our kennel. I was searching for so long to find the right litter that would satisfy my very high standards. I was searching for a litter where I could be absolutely sure about the presented health as well as satisfied with the personalities of both of the parents.

Skye is from a very nice litter of 8 puppies (2 females and 6 males) from which 6 puppies were standard. When I was going to pick a puppy, I had one aim and that was to have a copy of Badawi (Skye's mother). I wanted a female with stable and composed personality, but also a female with an energetic and interacting personality. I wanted a female that would have the leadership skills to once lead the pack. Since I have a big interest in the show life I wanted a female that would be active and enjoy the show ring with me as well as enjoy other activities to keep my pack more alive. Skye took over this role instantly and I cannot describe her personality in words. Skye is the girl with hundreds of faces. She can be playful, energetic, naughty, cuddly, and when required, very protective over her family. She is such an important member of our pack without whom there would be a piece missing.

Even though we do not have little children in the family, Skye loves kids and has a really great relationship with all of them. She is very careful around children and knows exactly how to play with them. She really enjoys returning back to the kennel she was born in because she has a really good human-child friend with whom she always plays. Skye and I visit Kennel Manwë in which she was born very regularly and she is perfectly happy to fit in with the Manwë pack. Skye does not like conflicts and loves her dog friends (males and females).

Since I enjoy handling dogs, Skye has spent a lot of time in the show ring and she has achieved several titles. She loves the time in the show ring and she enjoys making me happy. When we are not in the show ring together we spend time on walks and obedience. Even though we do not focus on hunting too much, Skye managed to complete one hunting exam.


Skye's dad is a polish import Artaban Cieply Dom. Artaban comes from a very interesting Norway-Canada mating. He is a male that is not only very successful in the show ring but also very successful in the working field. Artaban has the titles  Interchampion, Vice European Winner 2014, Grand champion, Club Champion and also Champion of several countries. He also places Excellent 3 at the 2017 World Dog Show from Champion Class. Artaban also carries working titles of the KCHRR Club for the years 2015 and 2016 and has successfully completed many working exams.

I think his personality is best described by his owner and I very much see my Skye in it as well:

Artaban's character is absolutely perfect. I have never had a dog that would be so dedicated and would constantly want to be by my side. All my dogs are very attached to me but Art is almost addicted to me. It is also to this trait that his training and upbringing was so very easy. It is just a pleasure to live alongside with such a dog.

Skye's mother is Badawi Manwë. Badawi comes from Australian and Croatian mating and she has completely won my heart over with her personality. Badawi is a very energetic and interactive female. She raises her children from their very first breath and throughout their whole life (She teaches Skye a lesson every time she visits :D ). Badawi is not only a great mother but also very successful within the show ring. She has achieved the titles of Interchampion, Grand champion, Club Champion of KCHRR and ČKRR and also the champion titles of many countries. I had the pleasure to enter the ring together with Badawi on many occasions and she is my best partner in the ring. She does not run but she flies.

Both of Skye's parents have complete set of health results above the club requirement including genetic tests.

Dam: Badawi Manwë
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD neg.
LTV: neg. - L7, SA neg.
Sir: Artaban Cieply Dom
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD neg.
LTV: neg. - L7, SA neg.


Swedish Champion
Finish Champion
Swedish Tracking Champion

The daddy of the upcoming litter will be Sabaku Inus Chikako of Cheriff - called Kiiro. Kiiro is a swedish male from a Swedish-Norwegian breeding. Kiiro is from a litter of 11 healthy puppies, 1 multicrown puppy and one puppy with a kinked tail. Kiiro caught my eyes when I saw his photo on the internet and since I only knew him from photos I decided to take a trip to Sweden and meet Kiiro personally.

Kiiro is very calm and mature dog that loves people. Once we arrived from the airport he greeted us immediately and gave us kisses. Kiiro lives with his owner/breeder just outside Stockholm and thus I got to gain lots of information about him, his parents and progeny. We also got to see Kiiro at a dog show away fro home and I was very happy with his personality around other dogs.

When I was choosing the right male for Skye's litter I was looking for a confident male that would complete Skye. I wanted to have a chance to breed my first livernose and thus I was searching for a male with livernose gene. Kiiro has a typical head which I would love to bring into my own breeding. Overall he is an elegant dog with good underjaw, correct eye colour, long boy format and excellent rear angulations. Apart from his great structure I am very fond of his pedigree. His pedigree consists of many working dogs and it is not very common in Europe at the moment.


Kiiro's dad is a male from Norway called Kuzonga's Cheriff. Cheriff was a very successful show dog but more than his show career I would like to highlight his working achievement. Cheriff attended numerous working exams and competitions and was also approved as rescue dog. You can find more about Cheriff here.

Kiiro's mom was stunning Hiki (Ridgebows Odara Zazela). Hiki was very elegant female with dark mask. Hiki was also very successful on show dog scene and was a holder of the title Swedish Champion. Pernilla and Hiki also spend their time on the working field and here Hiki also achieved the title of Swedish Tracking Champion.

Dam: Ridgebows Odara of Zazazela
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0
Sir: Kuzonga's Cheriff
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0


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