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Pregnancy diary

27.2.2021 - Day 58
We are heading to the finish line! Skye looks like she is going to explode but she is a brave mommy.
She starts breathing heavy sometimes to manage how badly the puppies
are kicking. And sometimes she keeps shifting her sleeping positions to try and calm the pups down.

25.2.2021 - Day 56
We spend most of the time relaxing. Skye sleeps in the delivery box
or anywhere she finds comfortable.

We are building the puppy delivery box!!!

21.2.2021- Day 52
Skye is starting to have a hard time. Belly is real big now and falls on the floor.
We have stopped going on the walks and she just enjoys her time in the garden now.

14.2.2021 - Day 45
We have the puppy starter pack ready!!!

11.2.2021 + 12.2.2021 - Day 42-43
Skay is still enjoying the small walks, not only on the leash.

10.2.2021 - Day 41 

Skye is absolutely enjoying her pregnancy!!!

7.2.2021 - Day 38
Skye has gotten to the 2nd  half of her pregnancy and you can really start to see it
now. The puppies have slightly messed up her stomach, but she is getting through it.
We also took a nice walk on the leash today since we got some snow
instead of only rain and mud but otherwise she spends
most of her day sleeping.

1.2.2021 - Day 32

Skye is growing in front of our eyes. This time she did not refuse food
but instead she searches for all that she can eat.

23.1.2021 - Day 23
We went to see Nikča Pánková and she gave us the great news!!!
Skye is pregnant!!!

1.1.2021 + 2.1.2021
Even though the conditions for traveling were extremely complicated, we decided to make the trip to Latvia to meet Derek. Skye surprised us with her heat and so we drove on New Years.
All went really well and now we just wait to see if all worked out how we planned.


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