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We highly recommend a litter
from our Badawi.
The litter is born in kennel
Sun of Africa in Czech Republic.
7 females and 4 males
Click here for more info.

Badawi (Ukkie x Skye) became mommy!!

22.1.2022 a litter from Badawi (B litter) was born.
11 puppies were born (7 females, 4 males) and we congratulate
Kamila for such a beautiful litter.
In case of interest, please contact the breeder

Mawi will be daddy again

Mawi had a visit from Sansa just after New Years.
We are excited to say that Sansa is in whelp
and puppies are expected in kennel Dharuba (NL).

Our C-litter in stacks

Our C litter reached the age to join Junior Class.
Here are our C litter show stars.

Corrado RV Gaudiwa Musana "Corrado" (SWE)
Coufi Ivaylo Gaudiwa Musana "Nico" (CZ)
Calliope Elsa Gaudiwa Musana "Elsa" (CZ)
Cara Ravenna Gaudiwa Musana "Rave" (CZ)
Caiden Kili Gaudiwa Musana "Mhambi" (NL)
C'huma K'Akilah Juna Gaudiwa Musana "Juna" (NL)

Our B litter celebrates 3rd Birthday!

Skye's first litter celebrates their 3rd Birthday.
They are all adults now and some of them are having puppies of their own.
We thank all the owners for taking a great care of all our puppies

Badawi - day 51

Badawi is closer and closer to delivery date.
Soon we will meet our grandchildren.

CAC Olomouc
judge: Lenka Frnčová (CZ)

After a break we attended the first show of the year with our C litter puppies.
They entered the Junior Class for the first time and I am so proud of how well they behaved.

Cara Ravenna Gaudiwa Musana
Excellent 3 / 11 females

Coufi Ivaylo Gaudiwa Musana
Excellent 2 / 7 males

Calliope Elsa Gaudiwa Musana

Garri celebrates his 13th Birthday!!!

Our veteran love celebrates his 13th Birthday and we will him
good health and at least a few more years with us.


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