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Pregnancy diary

14.1.2019 - Den 59
All is ready and we are waiting for the delivery.

13.1.2019 - Den 58
Puppies are naughty in the belly and playing lots of football.
Skye spends most of her time now preparing for the delivery.

7.1.2018 -Day 52

The babies are starting to move inside Skye's belly. We have around 10 days until the delivery so we are starting to count down now.

5.1.2018 - Day 50

We had a great plan for Saturday - preparation of the delivery room and the puppy box.


4.1.2019 - Day 49

Skye is changing everyday now.

1.1.2019 - Day 46

30.12.2018 - Day 44

29.12.2018 - Day 43

Since the puppies are asking for it Skye started to get little extra food.

27.12.2018 - Day 41

Skye's belly is slowly starting to grow. She spends the time sleeping or trying to search for food :D
She enjoyed some healthy walks with Garri and Mawi over Christmas.

19.12.2018 - Day 33

Skye has finally gone through her morning sickness and now she wants to eat absolutely everything.
Even though the belly looks almost the same from he side, it started changing from the top and when she is sitting. The chest and the tits are starting to get bigger.

15.12.2018 - Day 29
We have taken the first photo of Skye so that we can watch her grow.

28th day of pregnancy - we have taken Skye for the ultrasound and

8.12.2018 -11.12.2018
Skye started to cuddle a lot and she always wants to hide under the covers.
She started to have morning sickness and unsteady stomach.

17.11.2018 + 18.11.2018
We travelled to beautiful France to meet Ukkie. Skye and Ukkie first meeting
happened on the Calais beach.
The mating went smoothly and the connection lasted around 20 minutes both times.


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